Why To Become Free And Equal ?

Why to become Free and equal owners of your group's assets? (some interviews..)

Unlimited accumulation of power is the biggest problem! And when this problem appears in a competitive environment. it can only create few evil powers constantly destroying all others who would not serve them. Comcomized unit is designed for becoming a bad pill for the big ones to take. It creates a recursion for the value of the damage for breaking the agreement. here is the prototype of the contract, need ironing yet.

The idea is to build small units holding bigger, until that which would have the trademark to give the buyers a card for some discount in the small business. The power of buyers can then be used to shift their traffic from big to small business for later working with the small ones as ordinary owners partnering with the buyers being the peer ones in their comcom. more...

The problem: The bigger the group of equal individuals is the weaker is the power of each individual.
The solution: Each individual owns equal part of the group's assets and evaluates it as a whole when leaving the group. Hence, when such small groups equally own bigger ones, the movement of the individual does not harm the bigger, making the solution scalable.

  • becoming free in a group is the first condition for any honest evaluation,
  • becoming equal is the first condition for any morality, solidarity, authentic sharing and/or being more supportive and less manipulative in that group,
  • equal ownership in a group provides to each of its members, as individuals or minorities, a new power over the group and its representatives,
  • when the chain is the will of the members, the weakest member, as its ring, defines its strength, and
  • when small groups equally own together a bigger group, the movement of members between the small ones don't break the bigger one, so building up, in many layers and from the smaller to the bigger, can only better serve the groups' members.
  • if you are an authentic producer, such as an artist developer reporter, researcher etc, you can get unite to force your distributer to be aligned with your values, even while distinguishing individuals as you by different contracts with the distributer.

Conclusion: Either I am represented in my democratic state and hence what it does is in my responsiblity, or I become peer owner in the texture of entities constituting my state.


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