Yes Again! We Can!

Welcome, we get organized & Re-organized here

for the @I@, @M@, @W@, @GO and @OM:,
which are to be published, any organization per each category
<—- here or from here, on this left-side menu.

Earn from your way to communicate the ComComism!

You Can Now participate in communicating the ComComism in your way/environment/language for reaching out to your specific friends/community-members and while letting us assist you and while keeping your intellectual property over your work.

We are looking for maximum diversity and we are trying to build it fast, so bring who you believe have the mindset you like. see also how way we are getting organized here and also the ComComsim Blog .

Working solutions, which are (proven to be) working (but yet only) in their environment while already holding environmental and human values together with values of equality may be ComComized for being applicable also in other environments, since the ComComism is a scalable solution which can provide a non-political-brand (of network) caring for the benefit and profit of its c-holders.

For helping ComComizing in your way you should first either join one group here or create your own groups here. You could then have your sites and your pages (which are free on wikidot or otherwise) being licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License for keeping them as your property:

  • This way you have your propriety able to be used only non Commercially but until you would personally license it differently to whom you would like to. And So then, as we the @C are already operational, your work would
    • A) Credit you between those who are making their comcom, even out of project for which they are grouping themselves,
    • B) would be used Commercially only under your authorization and only for whom you would like to give it in different license for a return of some money out of it.

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