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This is the unchangeable contact between the owners of the occupy-peace-zones comcomized unit, (specified in this table). Any buyer of its share must accept the following terms and agree not to change them:

Here is a short description of the unitt and the form of the group's decision: .

The unit's type is Open and dynamic-d, its d=1, its Independent-Group-authority=80% and its peer-proportionality=1.

The term and conditions:
A Common company (ComCom) is based on unchangeable agreement of ownership between its owners matching the group's criteria and categorized either as peers (equal-owners) or not, where

  • each peer may only be a human-person or a ComCom,
    • but a non-peer may be a human-person, ComCom or a non-ComCom body;
  • through all holding layers only a single holding position per owner is allowed;
  • the group has the first right to buy any ownership over it
    • and once in its creation it can become sealed allowing no more owners over it;
  • (d) is one or a positive number less than one representing the group's decentralization,
    • where all the peers together equally hold (d) times 100 percent of the group;
  • (c) is the count of the peers - to be decided independently by them alone;
  • (v) is the ownership value of one peer - it worth peer-coin in Rcoin or money and it ranges only proportionally to constant number (peer-proportionality) times peer's ratio in group;
  • (m) is the group's market value; and
  • (v) reflects (m), such that (m) times (d) equals (c) times (v), where either (d) is constant, which is to be decided only once in the comcom's creation, or
    • all owners of the group or of its sub groups are its members, of which number is the same as of group's shares, each member can always return to, and must first become, the group's peer and the number of shares held by one peer is one or a positive number less than one, which is decided independently only by the group's peers.
  • The form of decision is transparent and includes
    • the medium - how do the owners meet,
    • advance notification - the time and information which the owners must be given in advance and
    • minimum peer's ratio for the peer Independent-Group-authority deciding about the policy in regard to both: the number of peers and the number of shares held by each peer.

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