About Mapping And Logos

On your request we are mapping your site (of which name ends in a dot) to comcomized.com so then you can use our logo + the print (2*14 on A4). If your site is a free wikidot one (which you could start just by clone some other site you would like to begin with), go to its /_admin

  • On Custom Domain fill your new url on comcomized.com
    • On Appearance->Themes->External usrl=/admin:themes/code/1
    • go to iits /admin:themes and add this code
@import url(http://themes.wikidot.com/sky-blue/code/3);
#header h1{background:url('http://comcomist.wdfiles.com/local--files/nav%3Aside/comcomized.png') no-repeat center top;}

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